Summer Concerts

Have you been to any concert this summer? Are you going to any?

I watched some of the performances at Rock in Rio, the Madrid concerts, on TV. I loved Amy Winehouse – such a good artist.

I was so ashamed about people who reported, though. What a bunch of gossips! (Don’t these people know anything about what the lives of many artists are and were like? I can’t imagine that kind of comment by people who love music and have the chance to present a real artist – wasting time talking about what an artist looks like or her or his habits! Instead of talking about music!) Such little interest in music! Shame on them! I almost went mad with the stupid ignorant comments by the two guys who were presenting. I couldn’t believe it! I was so ashamed that I just hope what they said was not translated into other languages! I mean, there are people in Spain who know tons of music, how could those two guys get the job? (I’m not talking here about the mulatto interviewer, who’s great!) Only guys who think Operación Triunfo people play music seem to get jobs lately!

Anyway, Amy Winehouse‘s music was awesome. On her page you can listen to many of her songs, and watch the videoclips too. If you listen to “Tears Dry On Their Own”, tell me, doesn’t it remind you of Marvin Gaye? That doesn’t make the song worse for me, though. I love Marvin Gaye too! 🙂

I missed Concha Buika‘s gig. Listen to her here:

Another artist I loved was Buika. Gee, she’s an artist too! She merges flamenco and


6 responses to “Summer Concerts

  1. Wow, in BluesCazorla, here:, there were two bluesmen the other day that amazed me!!! Little Charlie and The NightCats, here:

    What I loved was the lead guitar’s skill and how he and the singer played the harmonica!

  2. What about Jazz San Javier?
    This was flamenco, bossa nova, jazz:
    This was yesterday on TV, wonderful!: (voices, violin, and that swing!)

  3. Why doesn’t my name appear in Recent comments?

  4. It appears now! Third message!

  5. Hello there!
    Yes, you’re right, Juan. One of your comments is not announced in the Recent Comments section. Wonder why…
    Well, thanks a lot for the links. I’m watching it too. In case people don’t know, they’re showing it on TV2, but really late at night, so people waking up early would need to record it or something.

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