How can you say and explain “turrón”?

Off you go! Give it a try!


5 responses to “How can you say and explain “turrón”?

  1. Difficult question indeed! I would say it’s a sweet almond paste together with sugar and honey and ….it’s usually eaten at Christmas but how can we say that in English? It’s not crispy nor crunchy not even specially delicious ( but rather tough instead) which are the most common adjectives we have to describe that kind of things in English. I would create a new name, ending -ie, XMASMONDIE? Please forget my stupidity

  2. Hahaha, stupidity?! It’s brilliant! hahahah…
    Try this Xmasmondie. It’s really nice! 😀

  3. I usually describe it as a soft or hard nougat. You can also classify some of them as fudge or even brittle. Hope that helps!

  4. Excellent! Thanks! It does! Greetings!

  5. I didn’t know “brittle”. “Fudge” is a kind of soft sweet chocolate mass, right?

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