Bares (Bars?!)

Bars in Spain should be exported to Europe: in them, all kinds of people meet — children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged adults, older people, men and women, talkative people and people who never speak, people with a sweet tooth, people with non-standard meal times, people who drink alcohol and people who don’t, yes, together, no problem! You can have ANYTHING ANY TIME with ANY KIND OF FRIEND. Yes, Europeans, it’s true! Sweet or sauvery, boiling hot or freezing cold, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. In Spanish bars, waiters and waitresses do not have to tell you that you cannot order a sandwich now and that you need to order a piece of cake, or the like! Aren’t Spanish bars a great idea? :)You don’t have to segregate your friends according to what they tend to have! (And anyway, what if they would rather order something different?) 

They’ve got a drawback, though. Noise. The noise of the coffee machine when used to heat the milk is really loud. And some bars are filthy, that’s true. I mean, if you press a finger against the counter, it might stick!


One response to “Bares (Bars?!)

  1. Well, Madrid is one of the noisiest cities in the world, it’s true. It’s funny what you say! OK, we can export them, but without the noise. Is that possible?

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