Favorite Places

Post about your favorite places in Spain!


3 responses to “Favorite Places

  1. I have a favourite place in Madrid: the Teatriz. It’s a restaurant and a bar. It’s an old theatre, which was turned into a very special place by Philippe Starck (http://www.philippe-starck.com/). I don’t like it for its food. I’ve never had dinner there. It’s too expensive for me. On stage, there is an amazing alabastre bar. When you look at the place where the seats for the audience should be, you see all the tables where people are having dinner. The amazing thing is that you CAN’T HEAR them! I don’t know why! I always feel as if I were under water! There I ask for a drink. Then I go for a walk. I visit the absolutely amazing toilets, even the men’s toilets if there is no one around! (They can wee in a cascade on the wall!) Then I visti the absolutely amazing disco, which is tiny and it’s all covered in a magic material – viscoelastic. I can’t explain, but you have to enter barefoot and you can see your footprints as you dance! You feel like an astronaut! Anyway, I’ve only been there twice, and a few years ago. I should go again some day! If you visit the place, tell us about it!

  2. Oh I know that place! It’s amazing, you’re right! I was very impressed by the fact that you could’t hear the people dining from the bar on stage. And by the viscoelastic floor and walls. Although it did look like an institution, you know, where they used to put mental patients when they had a crisis… 😦 But the impression of walking barefoot on that material was like… ingravity! Something really weird.

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