What do Spanish people look like?

I bet we can get very different descriptions here! Practice descriptions…


11 responses to “What do Spanish people look like?

  1. Sorry! I made a mistake. I posted the message below under “Enjoyable excursions!”.


    Not long ago, it seemed to me that many Spanish people were not too tall, and that they dressed in a few colours – navy blue, brown, black. Nowadays I’m not sure of that any longer…

  2. My best friend has red hair. She’s tall and thin and has freckles. Her eyes are green with bits in yellow! I think she doesn’t look Spanish, but she is! I think she looks… Well, I don’t know… I’d better ask her first.

    My hair is dark brown. I get burgundy highlights, to make it more colourful. I am shorter and less thin!!! My eyes are dark brown. I suppose I look more Spanish…

  3. Most of my friends are Spanish-type, I mean, brown hair, round and lively faces and not very tall. my case is a bit different since I am kind of “old-fashion version of Spanish womanhood”: long black and curly hair, a little plump, in a Betty Boop style and sometimes wear big earings. Too much Spanish for modern times I would say!

  4. Hi there! I understand what you mean, Juan. Sometimes I have the same feeling. People have told me that I look French, German, US American, Spanish (but Spanish people mostly think I’m a foreigner but that could be for more reasons that looks, really)… Hey, sonia, perhaps your friend looks French! (But I’m no expert!) Ana Otto, your description is really funny and I bet it’s accurate! 😉
    What about this idea? I think Spanish people are mostly identified because we are loud!!! We tend to make lots of noise whatever we do — speak, laugh…

  5. How canyou tell if a spanish beaut is falling in love with you? tending to stare alot and not moving when your really close mmmmmmmmmmmm!

  6. i would like to see u spanish people talk in spanish and would like to see u people dance and sing to so i wish i would see your wecaste if u people on the web ok it was nice talking to u online ok see u people ok i love u ok i will not for get u u no i want to be a spanish teacher same day when i grow up and i am a good singer to i would love to sing spanish songs to if i could do it with u people u people must been so nice to peolpe do u have alot of childern in your family how many do u have buy the way i live in st lucia . wish i could came and see your place home look in wander if u could seend a tecket for me an i could be your invited grest my mothers name is pamela gills i have 4 brothers 1 sister she is 1 year she will be 2 next year january 5 we always have birthday partys for our i wiah i could invite u people we would have so mush fan at my home place if i could invite u people do u people have a tower my home place have a volcano supher spings were we bath same times . we have 5 water falls we have pitions pity pitions and go pitions we have woulderfull beaches to bathe in we have citys we have nice food and nice music to dance and sing so see u next time we meet ok love u i will always love spanish ok buy

  7. hi there same told me i have look like sme othe poeple from same other place same times i get mad i always say i don’t have to mad same people look like me and i look like same people so don’t be mad when sameone tell u look like sameone ok it was nice talking to u ok

  8. just love to see u people i wounder how your home place look m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  9. Spanish people are beautiful, sexy, emotionally expressive, flambouyant, and come in different shades, hair textures, sizes, and shapes. They have a united love for their race, and others as well.

  10. Well I’m not actually Spanish I am Puertorican but I have have Spanish blood (my great great great great grandfather was Spanish) my natural hair color is strawberry blond (more redish than blond at times) my eye colors is brown and I am only 4″10 (yes I am short for a almost 20 years old on my eyes) and I am extremely withe (more than a typically Puertorican girl) I am pale my face is a bit round and like I have notice before my cheeks are round (I have seen a couple Spanish actresses and singers before and they have really cute round cheeks) and I know that when I talk in Spanish I roll my r’s a lot like all Puertoricans but from time to time I will start talking whit the s like a Spanish girl even if I have never been in Spain but I guess is in my blood after all my last name is Spanish and I know that I have family in Spain but I don’t know them….. Ok sorry I start babbling and went beside the point. Anyways I am mostly like a typical Spanish girl more than anything but yeah I had to mention a lot of Spanish people have dark eyes and dark hair like brown but a lot of Spanish people also have red hair or strawberry blond hair like me…

  11. Cel mai bun articol despre What do Spanish people look
    like? pe care l-am citit!

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