Many countries haven’t got this very useful tool! Post your definitions, comments, stories around this amazing item!



One response to “Fregona

  1. Fregona! Hahaha… I didn’t know many countries haven’t got it! I have looked it up. The translation is “mop”, a mop and a bucket. And… Surprise!!! It was invented by Jacob Howe (USA) in 1837, but the hairy (?) part was hard, a rectangle. In Spain, the inventor was Emilio Bellvis, 1958. So now it is the 50th anniversary!

    I read the Wikipidea and I learnt some words: soak, wringer. “To clean a floor, the mop is soaked in a bucket of water or cleaning solution and swept against the surface. Some buckets include a wringer to strain excess water from the mop, so as not to saturate the floor and as not to leave excessive water on the floor. ”

    Hope this is useful. I had fun! 🙂

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