Childhood memories

Post your childhood memories here! Remember you need to imagine that the people who will read them don’t know anything about Spain… Walk in English-speakers’ shoes!


3 responses to “Childhood memories

  1. My childhood memories are those of long and hot summers at the local swimming-pool. We used to go there every single day and play with other friends there (but I do not know why we no longer saw them during the academic year. ..) My parents were also surrounded by huge groups of friends and seemed happy and relaxed drinking sangria and eating paella on Sundays! We used to attend swimming lessons there, play cards and listen to adults talking about things we did not understand.

  2. That’s a cheerful memory! I loved reading it.
    I’m going to tell you about a childhood memory of mine which is not cheerful, but sad, or even scary!
    When I was a girl, my family and I used to go to the circus whenever the Price Circus came to our city. I hated it. It made me sad. I felt the place and the music were depressing. I thought the people were poor and shabby and I was very sorry for the animals. Then, I was scared of the clowns! For me, the circus was at the bottom of my Fun List and the Funfair (Parque de atracciones) was at the top!

  3. Wow! Ana, Susana, wonderful emails! I loved the summer too because I could ride my bike in the countryside. I used to cycle to the pool, too, and it was similar to what you describe, Susana: adults talking away in the outdoor bars next to the pool and us kids swimming or running to them to ask for an icecream or a coke or crisps! And then eating the “bocadillo de chorizo” (salami sandwich in French bread) and jumping into the pool straight after that, to avoid having to sit there without swimming for 2 hours!!! hahahahha…
    I don’t like circuses, either, Susana, so I understand well what you mean…
    See you!

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