Tortilla de patatas

Potato omelette * Spanish omelette


Post your recipes, your stories, the places where we can get good “tortilla de patata”, whatever you want to tell us in connection to this very typical Spanish meal!


3 responses to “Tortilla de patatas

  1. ourworldinspanish

    I’m just trying this, to see if I can post!

  2. The key for the perfect Spanish omelette is to mix potatoes, eggs and thoroughly until you get a compact mixture. And do not forget to add some onion at the end of the frying process! Bon appetit!

  3. Hey! Thanks! You know, I’ve got a trauma with potato omelettes! And you’ve just given me a good clue to my problem! The mixture! Sure… You know I’m traumatized with this meal because when you’re Spanish everybody expects you to be able to make a potato omelette! And it’s not that easy! I know some people think that it’s impossible for it to go wrong, but believe me — I’ve made several which did not taste even like a mixture of potatoes and eggs. Promise! This year I’m trying to overcome my trauma, so I’ll give what you say a try and tell you about it! See youp!

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